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We are your wholesale partner for consistently delighting your customers with great coffee  

When you’re running a customer-facing business, it is imperative that your suppliers really value your business and help you to achieve your goals. At Western Sydney Coffee Co, we are working hard every day – just like you – to reach new customers and share our passion for great specialty coffee. We aim to be your wholesale partner in business - not just another supplier.


Specialty Coffee Roasters

Western Sydney Coffee Co. is a growing business with its roastery in Penrith, NSW, Australia. We are committed to producing the best coffee possible and supporting our customers with their business growth through producing and delivering great coffee.

We can also supply tea, chai, crockery, glassware, etc. at competitive rates.


Free on Loan equipment- the big deal! 

Don’t get locked into selling coffee you don’t love just because of the offer of “free” equipment. If you’re really passionate about great coffee, we encourage you to consider keeping your independence and owning your own equipment and selling the coffee you want to serve to your customers. 

We have been supplying and servicing the coffee industry for the past 26 years. During this time there has been a huge influx of Free on Loan equipment (FoL) to cafes and businesses across the board. The catch is that this normally comes with a minimum weekly order quantities of big-brand coffee with an inflated price - whether you use it or not.


At Western Sydney Coffee Co. we are passionate about supporting cafes and small businesses to choose the best coffee based on taste and quality and who don’t want to get into a lock-in deal where they are no longer free to be independent.

And remember, the real cost of “Free on Loan” equipment is always recouped somewhere along the line, so think about whether you are happy to just follow the herd or whether you want to maintain your independent spirit and serve a coffee you genuinely love.

So… give us a call to discuss the benefits and cost savings you can achieve by owning your own machines and equipment, thereby controlling your own destination!

We can help you source your own machine and all accessories, with installation and scheduled servicing, coffee and training, all in the one spot! Throw in private labelled beans, and you have all the options you will need to succeed in your business. Say no to minimum orders!



Think different 

We create specialty coffee using traditional roasting methods - we roast all of our coffee in-house using vintage roasting equipment which gives our various coffee blends unique flavour profiles that draw out the best of each bean. We roast in small batches by hand to ensure that each batch is consistent and the best possible coffee for your customers. We have a range of coffee blends that are tuned to suit most tastes and can also adjust our roasting profiles to suit your needs. 

Please call us or come in to talk about your coffee needs. Let us show you what is possible with a fresh, local roast that can really get your customers excited about.


Choosing your Coffee 

We are happy to show you our range of coffee blends and to help you select the right blend for your business. We can also work with you to create special blends, showcase our regular single-origin blends and even branded retail packs to sell in your café as an additional revenue stream. Better yet, come and join us at our roastery and take part in roasting your very first batch of our coffee! We’d love to welcome you at our roastery and discuss the many options for your business.


Our café customers and small business owners love our coffee as well as our ability to provide personal attention, valuing their business. Please give us a call to discuss the opportunity to become part of the Western Sydney Coffee Co. family.

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